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Set in Stone

Installation created for m2 Gallery, 2c King's Grove, London
Media: Digital print, leather bound book, limestone, velvet, half silvered mirror and LED lights
16th September - 19th November 2017

"Set in Stone: To be very difficult or impossible to change." (Cambridge Dictionary)

Set in Stone is a literal and contradictory expression of this phrase. In this work we have fused together a book and a stone using light and mirrors to create an ambiguous object. This can be viewed through a peep hole cut out of an image of a stone set up in the m2 Gallery window. 




Front Row

Window installation at Booth Mansion, The Rows, 30 Watergate Street, Chester
Commissioned by Chester Civic Trust and Cheshire West and Chester for Open Heritage Days
7 - 10th September 2017

Front Row has been developed in response to some of the stories and architectural features of the Chester Rows and has been made for the window space of Booth Mansion.

The Chester Rows date back to medieval times and although their precise origins are unknown the layout follows a similar pattern to that of the Roman legionary fortress. Their significance and archaeological merit lies in the historical overlays and changes of use that followed on through the Tudor, Georgian and Victorian periods to the present day.

Over the years the Rows have changed or adapted either through accident or by design. Each architectural feature reflects a fashion, function or story of the past resulting in a rich tapestry of building styles. The Rows today are living, working, spaces and continue to evolve and develop in response to their usage and activity.

Front Row is an artistic response to the fragmentary and multi layered nature of the Rows and the potential of these unique spaces to transform. It has been developed from film footage and photographs taken of the Rows, which has been edited and layered to create a constantly changing view of these unique spaces. The video forms the back of a mirrored chamber to create a kaleidoscopic vista of the projections and bring symmetry to the myriad of fragments. Front Row is looped to run continuously throughout the day.




Commissioned by Aspex
Supported by Portsmouth City Council
On display at The Hard Interchange throughout the summer

Interchange is a film created in response to the recent developments at the Hard Transport Interchange in Portsea.

Earlier this year we worked with pupils from St George's Beneficial Church of England Primary School, Portsmouth - After School Club. Over a seven week period we led a series of workshops at the Aspex Gallery exploring the transformation and interchange of spaces. The group created their own camera obscura boxes filled with imaginary model buildings and cityscapes inspired by the architectural landscape of Portsea. Projection mapping techniques were used to create interchangeable scenes and spaces using video footage and photography of urban and natural environments.

Inspired by the children's creations, we have made this film which combines and projects their own video footage taken from around The Hard and Portsea with the children's own models. Interchange is a culmination of these journeys that span real and imaginary worlds.




Light Wave is on the 2017 Lumen Prize Longlist - Moving Image.  Thanks to Solent Showcase Gallery for originally commissioning us and to Sea Swim for including it in their exhibition Head Above Water.




We are excited that two of our point cloud images taken from the video Travelling Light have been selected for inclusion in a new book entitled "The Art of the Point Cloud" which is scheduled for publication later in 2017.

Travelling Light was originally commissioned by Illuminating York and The National Railway Museum in 2016 as part of the Illuminating York Light Festival.




In Collusion: Arts & Technology Meet Up
Shakespeare Barn, King's Lynn Arts Centre 29 King St, PE30 1HA
30 March 6 - 9 pm

We will be talking about our experiences of working site specifically with light and projection and share some of our thoughts on reality, illusion, virtual reality, interactivity and the interface between audiences, sites and artworks.  Further info...



Seaswim:  Head Above Water

Crescent Arts, Scarborough
18 February - 31 March 2017


The transformative effects of sea bathing that inspire artists and writers are captured in an exhibition that explores its sensations, stories and psychological impact.

Head Above Water reveals the embodied imagination of the swimmer's experience through film, photography, sculpture, drawing and poetry.

We will be showing Light Wave in this exhibition curated by Lara Goodband. 



Collusion - Data Culture Lab Artists' Residency
Supported by Anglia Ruskin University, University of Cambridge Museums, Arts Council England & the Greater Cambridge, Greater Peterborough LEP. 

We are excited to be part of Collusion's data-culture lab which take's place 16-20 January 2017. It's a week long development session that will explore evolving ideas and ways in which artists can engage with this mass data culture, set against the backdrop of Cambridge as a leading centre of research and development. Click here for more info on Collusion.



Illuminating York Light Festival 2016

Travelling Light

National Railway Museum, Leeman Road, York
26 to 29 October 2016
Commissioned by Illuminating York and National Railway Museum with support from Pulsar Light

Travelling Light combines film, 3D laser scanning technology and lighting effects to create an ethereal light installation made specifically for The Workshop at the National Railway Museum. Viewed from the balcony above, glimpses of the partially illuminated Workshop can be seen through a large suspended voile screen onto which a film is projected.

The film projection takes a journey into the museum's collection and workshop area, with an eye on the future developments in engineering using new technologies to define space and material. Various light sources and technologies, from LED lighting to 3D laser scans, have been used to reveal or explore different interpretations of the space.

The Workshop is full of historic dismantled trains, components, tools and machines and is a fully functional engineering space. There is a strong sense of material and colour in this space but also potential energy. It is heavy and scattered at the same time.

The 3D point clouds are made up of millions of points of calibrated light taken from multiple locations, each with a three dimensional value that locates a tiny dot on a surface.
It is as if every single item has a fine coating of dust made of light.

3D laser scans are currently used in rail system engineering to determine the kinematic envelope of a train. These envelopes are 3D shells of the spaces that rail vehicles will occupy whilst moving, including the effects of tilting and swaying due to tracks, wind resistance and other mechanical forces.

3D scanning undertaken by CT Surveys

Further links: Illuminating York and National Railway Museum



Head Above Water: A Swimmer's Perspective

Strange Cargo, Folkestone
22 October to 26 November 2016

Peninsula Arts, University of Plymouth
23 July to 3 September 2016

We will be showing work in this exhibition alongside artists: Sally Barker, Tessa Bunney, Gary Coyle, Dorothy Cross, Lynn Dennison, Peter Matthews, Simon Pope, Gayle Chong Kwan, Anna Sikorska, Kit Wise and Sea Swim.

Curated by Lara Goodband

The transformative effects of sea bathing that inspire artists and writers are captured in an exhibition that explores its sensations, stories and psychological impact.

Head Above Water reveals the embodied imagination of the swimmer's experience through film, photography, sculpture, drawing and poetry.

Head Above Water will then be touring to Strange Cargo in Folkstone and then to Crescent Arts in Scarborough opening on 17 February 2017 as part of Coastival 2017. Further info 



Da Vinci Engineered
Zebedee's Yard, Whitefriar Gate, Prices Dock Street, Hull
Saturday 2nd July - Sunday 21st August 2016

We have been commissioned to create a new artwork for the Da Vinci Engineered Exhibition in Hull and have been developing the work in discussion with the School of Engineering at Hull University. 

This show curated by Lara Goodband, features reproductions of Leonardo da Vinci's flight and wind machines loaned by the Da Vinci Museum, Florence, alongside contemporary artists' works which respond to ideas of flight or use engineering in their conceptualization, design or production. The exhibition is one of the events programmed as part of the Amy Johnson Festival.

Thursday 7th July 6 - 7 pm
Artists' talk - in conversation with David Sowden from School of Engineering, Hull University.

Take a look at our blog to see how the idea developed.
See further images of the completed installation - Strange Attractor