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Two 3 m x 2m toughened laminated glass and stainless steel (2015)
Goodmayes Hospital Grounds, Redbridge, London
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Two 3 m x 2m toughened laminated glass and stainless steel
Goodmayes Hospital Grounds, Redbridge, London
Commissioned by Vision Redbridge Culture & Leisure on behalf of the London Borough of Redbridge and North East London Foundation Trust

The artwork
Spectrum is a vibrant colour field of transparent glass made up of two toughened laminated glass sheets each spanning a length of approximately 3 metres long by 2 metres high. These are installed in the grass area of Goodmayes Hospital grounds with each of these sheets positioned to run parallel to each other to create a space within which a person can stand.

The glass panels are printed with a grid of colour with the perspective of the grids set up to suggest an illusory fold in the area where they overlap. The glass is both reflective and transparent and the intensity of colour appears to shift depending on the lights levels and weather.  All of these factors give the installation a nebulous and dynamic quality.

Background to the project
A key feature of this public art project was the involvement of NELFT mental health service-users and other communities in the process of developing and informing the design brief which was achieved through the delivery of a number of workshop sessions working with six target groups.

Salmagundi was commissioned to lead on designing the workshop activities and delivering the sessions supported by Accendo who ensured that the content of the sessions was captured. The sessions used a combination of photography, film, stop frame animation and pixilation to produce a collection of visual and written material.

The impetus for our idea was inspired by the outcomes of this community engagement. The connecting thread running throughout the brief and the films was that each person saw and perceived things differently. From the participants' feedback it was clear that the artwork needed to be direct, easy to relate to, yet also thought provoking. We wanted to create an artwork that offered the viewer a direct visual and sensory alteration of their perception of the world whilst  suggesting ambiguity and the flexibility to experience an alternative view.  

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is a participatory animation project that aims to explore perceptions of mental health. This project was devised and led by Salmagundi and informed the final artwork.